At Home by Zsidai — whip up restaurant-style meals in the comfort of your own kitchen

For almost 40 years, Zsidai restaurants have been serving food made with heart and soul to loyal Budapest locals and curious tourists alike.

Our team of dedicated chefs has determined how to prepare some of your favorite dishes, like a hearty beef stew that is perfect for cold winter nights, in our kitchens, and get them into yours without compromising on flavor and quality.

Unlike traditional deliveries of restaurant food, meant to be eaten immediately, our dishes are stored in vacuum-sealed packaging, allowing you to keep them safely in the refrigerator for a few days, so you can have beautiful, hot food that makes you feel like you're dining out whenever the mood strikes.

We take care of 95 percent of the work, and then all you have to do is heat, assemble, and serve. For regular home chefs, the meals are so easy to make that it will feel like a night off. For those who are still new to cooking, don't worry, we provide step-by-step instructions and videos that we promise will make the process a breeze.

Just like in all of our Michelin Guide-recommended restaurants, we embrace only the freshest ingredients possible and never use preservatives or additives. We are also champions of sustainability and package our meals in eco-friendly cardboard boxes that hold two portions.

As the late, iconic Chicago chef Charlie Trotter once said, "The art of cooking is among the most intimate things that we can do for another.”
So, explore the world of At Home by Zsidai and let's begin.


With At Home by Zsidai, we have developed an economically sustainable, high-quality, and affordable alternative to the classic “instant” restaurant home delivery model. Our packaging is environmentally friendly and because most of our meals can be prepared with minimal dishware, we are encouraging you to cut back on water and energy usage to boot.

There are no preservatives and additives in At Home meals, but because they are stored in vacuum-sealed packages, they will stay fresh in the refrigerator for five days. Given this long shelf life — and the convenient two-portion packaging — excessive deliveries are also reduced.

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